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   Details About Boarding Facilities


Boarding FORMS are listed below.  Please print out, fill out, and present to Boarding Facility as appropriate.

We have space to board up to 50 horses at any time.  As space is available, our horse accommodations include box stalls, box stalls with runs, and pens with shelter, either of which are suitable for mares, geldings, and stallions.

Barn box stalls are designed to house one horse each and are $700.00 per month.  The barn  box stalls with runs attached are $800.00 per month.  Stall accommodations include hay and grain morning and evening, and stall cleaning daily.  Buckets are used for water to keep better control of the horse's health. Each stall has a small storage cabinet to hold a saddle(s), bridle(s), grooming tools, etc. in the barn tack room.   The barn is heated during the winter months and a fan circulates the air in the summer.  There is a wash rack with hot and cold running water.

Added in 2008 is a new 10 stall barn with the same accommodations as the barn listed above, complete with wash rack and tack room.

The pens with shelter are $600.00 per month per horse.  This fee covers the pen, hay and grain morning and evening, and cleaning as the weather permits. The water tanks are fitted with electric tank heaters during the winter months to make sure that water is always available.  There is a separate tack area for the runs and shelter, as well as an outdoor wash rack.

The indoor arena is 82x120 with lights spaced so there are no shadows while riding.  The sand and rubber base makes it easy on the horses legs.  A large, well-sanded round pen is also available to work your horse, as well as an outdoor arena.

We have turnout for horses at a cost of $3.00 per turnout.  A hotwalker is available for $5.00 per use or $50.00 per month (three times a week).  We have blanketing available at $5.00 per time.  This includes taking off and replacing it on the same day.

Horses coming into G & J Lazy P are required to provide a coggins and health certificate.

Boarding FORMS:

Application for Boarding

Wellness Requirements

Release and Indemnity Agreement

Information Sheet

Indoor Arena Rules

Rate Sheet

Lease Agreement

Care Change Order



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